Biggest Challenge Recruiting Design Managers

Biggest Challenge Recruiting Design Managers

 10 Oct 2018

    Design Manager,

Biggest Challenge & Solutions to Recruiting Design Managers

We spoke to one of our clients at a top tier building main contractor who is a regular recruiter for Design Manager Vacancies, to discuss their biggest challenge in recruiting Design Managers / Design Co-ordinators and ways around it.

“My biggest challenge recruiting Design Managers / Design Coordinators is that there is a skill shortage of Design Managers specifically those with previous main contractor experience and we are in the realms of having to poach staff from rival companies, which makes candidates harder to secure and often come with a larger price tag which makes it not always feasible”.


What solutions have you implemented to successfully tackle this challenge and fill your Design Manager jobs?


“I have when possible looked for alternative candidates through the following methods:


1) Keep a look out for candidates that are a “Hidden Gem”, perhaps they are a Design Manager who has just returned from work overseas or are returning to construction after a period out the industry.


2) Look to promote internally giving Design Co-ordinators a chance to step up and keep a regular influx of entry level / graduate level candidates to ensure you have the next generation of Design Managers coming through the ranks.


3) Consider candidates transferring experience over from an Architect, Architectural Technician, Civil Engineer or Structural Engineer background.


4) Consider candidates from other main contractor disciplines such as Site Engineers or Project Managers that have an interest in Design. Sometimes there are staff in your own company that may be interested in making this transition to Design Management”.


Conclusion - “Hire for Attitude & Train for Skills”

Granted a lot of the above solutions require a bit of time invested in getting candidates up to scratch in the role, but in return they are also more likely to be candidates that have the right motivation and genuine interest to join your business and consequently are more likely to stay with your business long term, so you will be recruiting the role less often anyway!


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