I.T / Computer Gaming Jobs

Talk Recruitment are specialist recruiters supplying staff to Gaming hubs across the UK and Overseas, working with a range of employers including Game Developers and Publishers. 

We can also be tailored to service the varying needs and volume of both AAA and Indie games companies.

Gaming Sectors We Supply Include:

  • Console Gaming
  • PC Gaming
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Online Gaming
  • F2P Gaming
  • VFX
  • ESports
  • Film & Motion Pictures

Job Professions We Supply Include:

Animation Jobs

(Animator, 3D Animator, Systems Designer, Gameplay Animator, Cinematic Animator, Character Animator, Technical Animator, Character Rigger)

Art jobs

(Cinematic Artists, VFX Artist, 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Environment Artist, Art Manager, UI Artist, Concept Artist, Character Artist, Lighting Artist, Marketing Artist)

Audio Jobs

(Sound Designer)

Community Jobs

(Community Representative, Community Manager, Social Media & Communications Manager, Influencer Manager, Sales Manager)

Design Jobs

(Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Design Manager, Design Director, UI / UX Designer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer, Mission Designer, Combat Designer, World Designer, Vehicle Designer, Creative Director, Audio Designer, PVP Designer)

Localisation Jobs

(Editor, Translators, Localisation Managers and Linguistic staff).

Marketing Jobs

(Product Marketing, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Studio Monetization Lead)

Production Jobs

(Producer, F2P Producer, Production Director, Product Manager, Technical Producer, VFX Production Manager, Project Manager, Studio Manager, Development Manager)

Technical & Programming Jobs

(Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Back End Programmer, AI Programmer, Graphics Programmer, Engine Programmer, Audio Programmer, Game Programmer, Tools Programmer, C++ Programmer, System Programmer, Console Programmer, Render Programmer, UI Programmer, Core Tech Programmer, Multiplayer / Network Programmer, Physics Programmer, Server Programmer, Animation Programmer, Mobile Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Technical Director, Full Stack Developer, Back End Developer)

QA & Test Jobs

(QA Coordinator, QA Project Manager, Tester)

Senior Appointments Jobs

(Artistic Director, Art Manager, Creative Director, Design Manager, Design Director, Development Director, Production Manager, Studio Director, Technical Director, Marketing Director)

Design Manager

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Quantity Surveyor

QS / Quantity Surveyor or Assistant QS - Building / Construction   Company: Opportunity... read more

Assistant Quantity Surveyor

QS / Quantity Surveyor or Assistant QS - Building / Construction   Company: Opportunity... read more