Top Tips to Become a Design Manager (Architecture Background)

Top Tips to Become a Design Manager (Architecture Background)

 9 Oct 2018

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How to Progress from Architect / Technician to Design Manager

As a specialist recruiter of Construction Design Coordinators & Design Managers, we have assisted many candidates in making the transition from an Architectural Technician or an Architect role into a full time Design Manager role with a main contractor.

We spoke to a Construction Design Manager who has followed the same career path from an architecture background to provide the tips below for those interested to do the same:

Top Tips to Become a Design Manager:


-First and foremost, the right mindset is crucial, once you have made the decision you want to move to the main contractor side be persistent and stay focussed on seeking out opportunities, it can be a bit of a numbers game so don’t get disheartened, keep trying !

Build Up Your Experience:

Also look to build up your experience in the following ways to help prepare you for the transition and make your CV more attractive to main contractors:

-Look to increase your exposure to site experience. Attend site Meetings, seek the opportunity to walk around the site (Live it and Breath it).

-Get involved with snagging & troubleshooting, engage and learn from sub-contractors.

-As much as possible attend meetings with clients and main contractors, chances are you will be liaising with a main contractor Design Manager, meet and interact with them, pay attention to what they ask, how they conduct themselves, don’t be afraid to ask questions too.

-Also look to build up your knowledge in other construction packages, a wider understanding of Civil, Structural and M&E packages will also help.

-At the same time look to build up your team leadership skills by performing a job runner or project manager role.

Keep Your Options Open

-If you hit a brick wall getting into a main contractor a good side wards step that will help you get closer to your goal is to move to a sub contractor, which will help build your construction management experience and widen your knowledge on the various construction packages.

-Finally keep your options open, as well as exploring Design Manager opportunities with commercial main contractors also consider exploring Technical Coordinator and Technical Manager vacancies with House Builders which is a very similar role.

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