Construction Design Manager - Job Insight

Construction Design Manager - Job Insight

 24 Aug 2018

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What's it like to be a Construction Design Manager? 

We spoke to an experienced industry professional to give you a first hand account of what its like to be a Design Manager in the construction industry.

See our interview below:


How did you first get into Design Management?

"By moving from architecture. Historically, projects were always led by architects, but now the lead design role has changed to the contractor".


What personal qualities do you think are essential to be good at your job?

"Clear thinking, the ability to form good relationships with people from different backgrounds, for example clients, consultants and end users.  It goes without saying that an in depth knowledge of the design and construction process is essential".


What is the worst thing / difficulties about your job?

"Persuading people to think from first principles and not just do what they’ve done before – it’s too easy".


What is the best thing about your job?

"Contributing to decision making during the early stages of a project.  This helps to minimise risk later on and assists in getting the best possible quality of design within commercial constraints".


What would be your biggest tip for someone looking to follow your career path?

"Be practical, be aware of commercial demands, but strive to achieve the best possible outcome.  Be aware of the constraints within which other members of the project team are working".