Top 10 Nostalgic games of all time!!

Top 10 Nostalgic games of all time!!

 14 Apr 2020

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Fancy a bit of nostalgia?

In this blog we take you back in time to explore our top 10 Nostalgic games of all time!! (All Platforms)

How does your list compare?


Number 1 - Mortal Kombat 1992    

Originally released as an arcade game Mortal Kombat became extremely popular and was later released on many other platforms, but in our opinion Sega did it best! the game focuses on many different characters who enter a martial arts tournament. With its memorable sound effects and graphics, this game will always hold a special place in our hearts!




Number 2 – Theme Hospital 1997  

developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts in 1997, Theme hospital is undoubtedly a firm favourite of ours. The aim of the game was to create and run a hospital, with a goal of curing patients with extremely comical ailments.





Number 3 – The Sims House party  (2001)

 One of the many expansion packs to the original sims, house party has to be the best. Published be Electronic Arts and developed by Maxis, the house party expansion pack opened a whole new genre of activities and items to buy to create the best party in your sim neighbourhood. We particularly liked the option to hire an entertainer that would pop out of an oversized cake and dance for your guests!!





  Number 4 – Rugrats search for Reptar 1998

   Who didn’t love the rugrats?

 Released in 1998 for PlayStation, the search  for reptar is based around Tommy Pickles, the main character of the rugrats television programme that first came to our screens in 1991. The aim of the game was to find Tommy’s toy dinosaur Reptar, and had many different levels which where actually based on episodes of the show, and featured lots of the shows characters including Chuckie, angelica, Phil and Lil and not forgetting spike the dog. A particular Favourite level of ours was mirror land where the whole level was upside down. 


Number 5- Croc legend of the gobbos 1997 

Croc legend of the Gobbos was one of the first examples of a 3D platform game, developed by Argonaut Games and published by Fox Interactive. The game was set in the fictional valley of the Gobbos, the aim was for Croc to save as many small furry creatures called Gobbos from Baron Dante, the very evil magician.

The impressive graphics, music and sound effects will always be a reminder of the hours of fun we had saving the Gobbos!




  Number 6 – Soviet strike 1996

 Soviet strike was developed in 1996 by   Electronic Arts for the play station.

It was set in fictional Russia after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the player was the pilot of an apache helicopter whose mission was …. well actually still to this day we aren’t sure what the mission was, but that didn’t stop us having fun flying the chopper dropping bombs and stopping to collect fuel, ammo and supplies.



Number 7- Rollercoaster tycoon 1999 

developed by Chris Sawyer and published by Hasbro Interactive, Rollercoaster tycoon was released for Microsoft Windows in 1999.

The aim of the game was to build and manage a amusement park, the game allowed players to get creative with tools to design and construct there own rollercoasters and thrill rides, but at the same time manage the books and keep visitors happy.

There was also an option to build food outlets and souvenir shops, we personally loved the hat stand, and hot dog stand.



 Number 8 – Zoo Tycoon 2001

Somewhat similar to rollercoaster tycoon but a zoo rather than a theme park. The aim of the game was to build and run a successful zoo, keeping both animals and visitors happy, while managing to budget.  

The game was developed by Blue Fang Games and published by Microsoft Studios.

The player could get very creative, building the animal enclosures and ensuring they had everything they needed, we often found however the animals had a tendency to complain if something wasn’t right.




Number 9- Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour 2000 

Developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive. This PlayStation game was a go kart racing game in which players could compete against other players or just the computer, in wacky race levels all based on attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Players could choose their character from a list specially made for the game, with the exception of chip and dale the rescue rangers and of course Jiminy Cricket, who were popular choices for myself.

Each race had a well known and extremely catchy sound track from the actual Walt Disney resort, that I can still remember to this day.

A word of warning though, watch out for flying acorns, as you could collect and then fire them at your opponents!



Number 10 - Battle chess- 1988

Originally developed and released by Interplay Entertainment for the Amiga in 1988 and subsequently on many other systems. My experience of it was on the PC (MS-DOS).

Where do I start with Battle Chess. Long before Harry Potter brought us Wizards Chess, we had “Battle Chess”.

Once you played it no other game of chess would ever be the same in comparison.

In Battle Chess, the chess pieces come to life and do battle with each piece acting out their own bespoke attack as you take pieces across the board.

My favourite being when your Castle (“Rook”) would morph from a brick like structure into a moving “The Thing from Marvel” type character and defeat an opponent’s pawn by smashing them like the hulk into the ground.




Hope you enjoyed our blog; we would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic and feel free also to share any of your favourite nostalgic games.


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