My Top 3 DOS Games

My Top 3 DOS Games

 14 Apr 2020

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In this blog I go back in time to explore my favourite top 3 MS-DOS games. These games were some of the first games I played on PC and still look back on fondly.


My top three DOS games:


Battle Chess

Where do I start with Battle Chess? Long before Harry Potter brought us Wizards Chess, we had “Battle Chess”.

Once you played it no other game of chess would ever be the same in comparison.

In Battle Chess, the chess pieces come to life and do battle with each piece acting out their own bespoke attack as you take pieces across the board.

My favourite being when your Castle (“Rook”) would morph from a brick like structure into a moving “The Thing from Marvel” type character and defeat an opponent’s pawn by smashing them like the hulk into the ground.

Originally developed and released by Interplay Entertainment for the Amiga in 1988 and subsequently on many other systems. My experience of it was on the PC (MS-DOS).



Jewel Thief

The shareware Classic game Jewel Thief by Servantware in 1992.

After the national museums Jewel Collection has been stolen and scattered, it was your quest to travel to far away places (each a different level / environment) in order to steal back the precious jewels.

This is a simple game, but very addictive. Moving the computer mouse around the screen to collect the jewels whilst also avoiding the various enemies, which increased in each level.

Never did reach the last level, but Ah good times……..



JumpJet was a simple and fast paced arcade type style game.

Created by Monte Variakojis and released by Montsoft in 1990.

Whist the controls where basic, moving your harrier like jump jet up and down as the screen scrolled across as your aircraft progressed further through each round of enemies for you to shoot at.

I must admit I never did progress very far on this game but it was not for the lack of trying!

Hope you enjoyed revisiting my favourite DOS games!




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