Design Manager – Client Facing Tips

Design Manager – Client Facing Tips

 26 Mar 2019

    Design Manager

An essential part of being a Design Manager is also being able to liaise effectively with a client and represent your company well.

In this blog we spoke to an experienced main contractor Design Manager and outlined below their top tips on how to build a good client relationship:

  • Be polite, personable, approachable and friendly, but always remain professional.


  • Always be honest. If you don’t know something, explain you will find out. Its important to protect your own company by not guessing or committing to something you don’t know.


  • Be prepared, always try to prepare for meeting the client, prepare any documents required, use your initiative and prepare for things you feel may come up even if it’s not necessarily been requested. Also be prepared to take down notes.


  • Show Commitment, Do what you say you will. If you promised an update then do it, if things get delayed then call to explain. Communication is key to a happy client, giving them peace of mind, so they know you are on the case, they should not have to chase you.


  • Keep Things Simple – Don’t overload with detail unless requested, but on the same note be prepared to break things down in simple terms, don’t assume the client knows what you know. Check they are happy or if they would like you to expand on anything further.


  • Have empathy – Understand that the client will have different concerns and triggers to what your priorities are. Take time to get to the bottom of any concerns they have, sometimes minor worries / issues can fester, tackle this early and regularly ask for feedback to check they are happy throughout the process. Keep in mind what a client asks and why they are asking it can actually be separate things, thinking about that will help you get to the bottom and address what is really on their mind.


  • Conclude your meeting with a “next plan of action” or next point of contact. This not only manages the client’s expectations on when they will hear from you next but also creates a plan for you. The key is to keep communication flowing in the agreed timescales.



To conclude good client facing skills are a combination of upholding a professional manner, keeping open good channels of communication, being understanding, committed and organised, bringing it all together to provide the client with someone they feel they can trust and want to work with.


Harness the Power of Client Relationships

Building good client relationships is not only key to the success of your company but also your own reputation and career. Don’t forget to harness the power of good client relationships, we would encourage you to look to obtain a client testimonial at the end of each project.

Examples of client feedback / testimonials are a great way for you to stand out on a new job interview and therefore should accompany any project portfolio you take to an interview.


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