What Do You Look For When Recruiting Design Managers?

What Do You Look For When Recruiting Design Managers?

 14 Oct 2018

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What Do You Look For When Recruiting Design Managers?

In this Blog we spoke to one of our main contractor clients to find out what skills and qualities they look for when recruiting Design Managers.

Technical Skills

-Preferably I look for candidates that have had previous main contractor experience.

-With a lack of main contractor experience, I have previously considered candidates from an Architectural, Civil or Structural design background.


Personal Qualities:

-Most importantly I look to get to know someone, build rapport and see if they are someone I can work with.

-Someone who is reliable and honest, with references to support it.

-Motivation is key, someone who genuinely wants the job and is enthusiastic stands out by far.

-Good time management skills are also of value.

-Good communication and people skills is crucial. Dealing with people be it clients, team members, external consultancies and subcontractors is the main part of the job.

Good communication is a bonus when the going is good, but its paramount when the is a problem, its essential to bring a team together, build relationships and get projects back on track.


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