Never Wavered - No Hesitation in Recommending

I would like to thank Tom Buffery in particular for helping me to secure this role.

Tom was very helpful in finding a job that I would not have, providing links to very good guidance notes on interview technique and providing useful advice and tips to help guide me through each stage of the process, which as a job seeker, I only go through once every so many years.

Tom applied his expertise and up to date know how, which although I am in my sixty’s and have been interviewed and conducted interviews many times before, I found to be very helpful.

He is polite, emotionally intelligent , proactive, determined and tenacious.

He never wavered, even though the process took longer than either of us anticipated.

Tom is an asset to your organization and he will no doubt go far.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to others and doing business ( hopefully as a potential hiring manager) with him again.

In my experience there are not many agents like Tom, he earns and deserves success.

Senior Project Manager - Robertson Construction