Is Your Business Ready for the Roaring 20’s?

Is Your Business Ready for the Roaring 20’s?

 4 Mar 2021

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There has been a lot of optimism of late, with a continued fall in Covid infections, further success in the speed of the UK Covid vaccine roll out, unveiling of the prime ministers roadmap out of lockdown and most recently the UK chancellor’s announcement of 2021 budget which included a commitment and spending strategy to support, create jobs and encourage business investment.

Whilst we have all likely grown used to expecting the road ahead to have a few bumps along the way, overall optimism is high, and we have also seen this confidence reflected in a month on month increase in the number of new vacancies and job offers ever since the announcement of vaccines in November 2020.

We are also seeing a lot of parallels drawn between now and the 1918 Flu Pandemic and more notably the “Roaring 20’s” that followed it, a decade characterized by economic and cultural prosperity, off the back of pent up demand and emergence of new technology and a transport revolution. 

Conditions now indeed look similar, with the government encouraging a Green revolution, building back greener and better (transition to net zero) as well as the advancement in Technology (Notably A.I technologies and modular construction) as well as a predominately electric car future and high speed rail expected in years to come.

We are also becoming well aware that whilst the pandemic has financially hit many hard and devastatingly impacted many people’s jobs and businesses, there is also an emerging tale of two stories one of hardship and job losses and the other of pent up demand and stored up purchasing power (Excess savings of circa £100bn built up by UK households) which we have to hope will be unleashed as lockdown begins to lift.

There is also further optimism around the opportunity to meet the demands of the UK’s housing shortage and bridge the gap in the UK’s needs as it looks to become more independent post Brexit.

History has shown us that all pandemics come to an end eventually, even without vaccines.

So, with people feeling more optimistic now, more than at any other point during the pandemic, should we now stop asking “when will this end” and instead pose the new question “Is your business ready for an economy upturn?”


If the market starts to upswing your business needs to be positioned well to act on it rather than being reactive.

Moreover, after a year of on / off lockdowns and hiding away it will leave a lot for businesses to consider and plan for to be ready for a bounce back.

Below we touch on a number of points that may be worth considering to help your business get ready for the potential return of the “Roaring 20’s”.


Market Research

If you have not already now is the time to be doing your research, what was busy in 2019 might not necessarily be now and moving forward. A lot has changed in the last year and its essential to adapt and move with the times to ensure you do not get left behind.

This could well mean looking to make strategic hires of candidates with experience in others sectors that they can bring to your company. Or on a larger scale maybe even a business merger or acquisition.

Agile Business

Its essential you have processes, procedures and plans in place to allow for an agile business model to allow you to adapt to the demand across sectors and if required potentially look to diversify.

Your business should also have plans in place that help them adapt quickly to future crisis, for example having the ability for your business to operate more remotely at the drop of a hat.


Business Development

If you are looking to diversify or “spread your bets”, you cannot do it alone and should look to bring in those that can open up new sectors of opportunity, whilst you still continue investing in retaining previous clients.

Your business development division needs to be firing on all cylinders to position you well to make the most of an upturn both for old and new markets, this means putting in place a best-in-class team of not only business development managers but also by extension the wider team of associated roles such as Bid writers, Bid coordinators, Bid Managers etc. Not to mention an operational team behind this to deliver upon the work won.


Time for Change / Ways of Working

How do you predict ways of working to change in the future?

How do you envisage your business operating?

For example, will it include a mix of remote and office-based working?

(You may need to plan how to transition staff back to the office safely)

Alternatively, is it time for a shakeup of the business with endeavours to embrace new technology? Perhaps you could look to make the most of the opportunity of the governments “Super Deduction Scheme” where they are incentivising tax reliefs for investing in new technology and equipment. (Noted in the Chancellor’s budget)

Is it also time for a fresh new look for your business, a rebranding or a change of your office environment, perhaps a refurb or a new office altogether?

The sooner these things are planned for the sooner your business can embrace its new identity and objectives taking it into the new decade post covid and make the most of the upturn as well as reinvigorating your employees with exciting new business changes / developments.


Training & Staff Development

Not only will it increase staff retention by showing employees you are investing in them for the long term, but also it will ensure your employees have the latest skills to make your company more efficient and competitive in a fast-changing market.

There can also be a lot of benefit in utilising the opportunity to take your staff training “Digitally” , speeding up training by accessing remote and online training, as well as building up a library of “In-House” online resources that staff can even access in their own time to enhance their own development.

You may even be able to get support from the governments “Help to Grow” scheme, providing the digital and management tools businesses need to innovate, grow and help drive recovery.



The feedback we have been getting in recent months from most companies is that staff are already overstretched with work, this predominately being as a result of several years of “Wait and See” policy on recruitment to determine the impact post Brexit, with staff headcount then reduced even further due to redundancies throughout the covid pandemic (including in many cases companies “Over Pruning” in panicked staff cut backs).

So, employees are already feeling overstretched even before an upturn in work has been felt and therefore recruitment will play a big part in any business’s agenda moving forward as they look to bounce back in line with the economy.

Consequently, talent shortages are expected more than ever due to changes brought about by Brexit, so its important companies plan ahead for their recruitment to avoid it holding up their productivity.

As such we would recommend Employers if they have not already, look at recruitment in the bigger picture and consider putting in place strategies to address the following:


Apprenticeships & Next Generation

With movement of workers across the EU now more difficult post Brexit, Employers have got to start investing more in producing home grown talent.

With no better way to do so than utilising apprenticeship schemes, which again can also be supported with current government backed schemes.

Its crucial to prepare for progression planning in your business and have a consistent flow of apprentices joining the busines to ensure you have the next generation of staff coming through the ranks, which will reduce your recruitment needs and costs in the long term.

Furthermore, their will be competition for talent even at this level not only from your rivals but also from other industries altogether, so its essential your business puts a strategy in place and invests time early on by building relationships with local schools, colleges, and universities to bring the next generation through into your industry as well as your company!


Professional Hires

If you want to make it easier to hire skilled professionals in future, you must start investing time now by putting the pillars in place to support future recruitment campaigns.

Pillars that will underpin your future recruitment success will include:


-Employer Branding (Having an employer branding strategy in place to promote your business).


-Efficient Processes & Procedures (Allowing you to act quickly to secure top talent).


-Partnerships with Recruitment Agencies

(It is essential you invest time in building relationships with recruitment agencies that understand your business and job discipline niches, as well as crucially the right attitude and approach to represent your business as the “Employer of Choice” in the industry and provide a positive candidate experience (Backed up with testimonials).

Building long term relationships with Recruitment Agencies that are in line with the values of your business will help ensure your vacancies get prioritised over competition and secure top talent first, which will only get harder in a market upturn.

You should also endeavour to work with a recruitment agency that can provide further value, like an extension of your team, by also helping support your business in meeting its Employer Branding objectives.


Staff Retention

You must also not lose sight of the fact that as an economy begins to pick up, employees will feel more confident about seeking other job opportunities.

Hence its essential you do not underestimate the importance of putting a strategy in place for staff retention. Check out our blog on Tips for Staff Retention.




Whilst there is still the potential for challenges ahead as lockdown begins to lift, we cannot ignore that there is a lot to be positive about at present and it could well be time to begin brainstorming and planning how to position your business well for a bounce back.

On that note, with what I think sums it up well, I will leave you with the Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s final comments of his 2021 Budget Speech:

“An important moment is upon us.

A moment of challenge and of change.

Of difficulties, yes, but of possibilities too”.



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