Home Gaming Room – Setup Guide Tips and Ideas to make your space epic!!

Home Gaming Room – Setup Guide- Tips and Ideas to make your space epic!!

 7 Sep 2020

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Are you looking for ways to improve your home gaming room setup?

well look no further than our top tips and ideas, guaranteed to make your gaming set up truly awesome!!


  1. Consider Room size before buying furniture and accessories

Room size should always be considered when buying Gaming setup furniture and accessories, if your room is small, you definitely don’t want to over crowd it, and if your room is larger you don’t want it to feel bare. Finding suitable furniture to accommodate the size of your room will make this easier and make your Gaming space more comfortable.

Consider the layout of the room and where in particular things will fit and work better for you, leaving room for friends and family who may want to come by and play with you is also a nice idea.


  1. Gaming Chairs!!

In a video gaming room you will need to be comfortable, as lets face it you may be spending quite a few hours in here.

A chair with good lumbar support is advised, this could be a specific gaming chair or even a recliner chair, whichever suits you best!

There are many cool gaming chairs available to buy in a range of styles and colours, with foot rests and also head supports,  you could even match the chair to your room décor.




  1. Consider screen size or possibly even a projector if you have the space

Playing a game on a screen that is to small will inhibit the enjoyment of the game, consider playing on a larger screen to feel like you are in the game and can enjoy every aspect of it.

There are many options to choose from, whether it be a large screen LED television or a projector if you have the room.

A projector is a good option as you can control the size of the screen you wish to play on, or if you prefer a television there are many cool options on the market now such as backlit and ambilight. 

TVs can also be wall mounted or on a stand, if on a stand consider one that has additional shelving or storage for consoles, games and controllers.



  1. Sound System!

To fully experience the excitement and thrill of the game, it is vital you have a good quality sound system, so consider wisely the kind of speakers you have in your game room.

Many Speaker and sound systems are available on the market now, so find some that suit you and your room size, wireless speakers are a good option to keep things neat and tidy and avoid trailing wires.



  1. Décor!

When designing your gaming room setup, consider what type of décor you will have as this will help bring the room together and create the correct vibes for the type of space and look you are going for.

Wall stickers and decals are a good way of introducing a theme or even a specific character into a room, stickers are available to buy in a range of styles, colours, themes and even words.



Storage ideas are also a good way of introducing décor into the room, for example having a storage unit that you can show off all your past and present games consoles is a cool idea and will add a touch of nostalgia to the room.




  1. Consider mood lighting!

Not only will Mood lighting make your gaming space look super cool, believe it or not lighting can add to the experience of a game, never should a room be too bright when playing a game, but a small amount of mood lighting can help set the scene and create the perfect  gaming environment.



  1. Consider Sound Proofing!

To truly enjoy the gaming experience and get the most out of the game, sound effects are extremely important, we have already talked about having the correct sound system, but upon installing that you may want to consider sound proofing.

There is nothing worse than a noisy neighbour, right?

To fully enjoy your gaming experience without the worry of becoming that noisy neighbour that everyone hates, consider installing sound proofing to your room, that way you can game to your hearts content without any complaints from them next door, or the other half downstairs.


  1. Make  sure you have appropriate power supply to your room.

Consider installing more sockets and power outlets in your room, a fully equipped gaming setup requires rather a lot of electric sockets, to avoid the messy extension lead trailing wire look, that would totally ruin your super cool gaming setup, think about where you need extra power outlets and consider hiring a qualified electrician to install some for you.


  1. Finally, make sure you have adequate internet usage!

We have all experienced it, that annoying spinning circle on your screen when right in the middle of something, seriously, is there anything more annoying than buffering??

To avoid this completely throwing you off target and ruining your gaming experience when gaming online,  make sure you have an adequate internet package with correct speed for what you intend to use it for, this way you will never be rudely interrupted by an internet dropout at the crucial moment of a game.





We hope you enjoyed this blog and would be delighted to hear your thoughts and any further tips and ideas on how create an epic gaming setup at home!


So please feel free to leave your comments and like / share our post.


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