Are Design Managers Still Needed?

Are Design Managers Still Needed?

 20 Aug 2020

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Are Construction Design Managers Still Needed?

In this blog I spoke with a number of Senior Design Managers and Hiring Managers on the topic of the value of the Design Manager role in Construction since Covid-19, to discuss is it still a required role and if so why?


Are Design Managers Still Needed?

Shocking, I know, how can I even ask this question?

Well during the peak of lockdown most construction companies put a lot of their staff on furlough. In some cases all staff were furloughed except for the essential on-site operations staff to keep things ticking over in a new “Working Restricted / Socially Distanced” Environment.

This went on for many weeks with productively gradually increasing, then with more staff coming back off furlough including Design Managers, albeit the majority still working remotely.

Several weeks and months of sites operating without Design Managers either fully or just working remotely would possibly have given some companies to pause for thought and ask the question “do we still need Design Managers?”


Why Design Managers are still valuable more than ever since Covid-19

The feedback we got when speaking to hiring managers was that Design Manager roles are still here to stay.

There is a reason the role developed in the first place from being just another add on to the duties of a Site Manager / Project Manager.

In short it’s a full time job, especially ever since the increase in Design & Build contracts being awarded.

So whilst things might have returned to the dark ages during lock down with the ops team making do, its not sustainable long term. The volume of information alone would be overwhelming.

With less site attendance the rest of the project team will not have the prompts to raise issues with the visiting consultants.

The Design Manager must be the link in ensuring the site team are informed and are pro-actively involved in the design information that will ultimately affect the outcome of the project.

With the Op's teams having so much to be aware of onsite currently, as well as build buildings, then Design Managers may be the only people looking at the design before it is actually built, therefore Design Managers will play an important role at this time and will be vital to prevent issues and looked upon to provide innovative solutions in a changing construction environment.

There has also been a lot of talk about how Covid / lockdown has further catalysed the embracing of technology, notably construction going “Digital”.

If the construction industry is to continue to develop and move with the times it will need the assistance of Design Managers and their closely related colleagues BIM (Building Information Modelling) Managers.



To conclude those we spoke to felt strongly that Design Managers have and will continue to add value to construction companies and will have a strong role to play in the future of the construction industry.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this topic and in particular how else you feel Design Managers will continue to add value during these challenging times?

I'm pleased to say we are also starting to see things picking up in the industry with more new Design Manager vacancies coming up each week and expect this only to get busier, so on that note if you are keeping a look out for new Design Manager / Design Coordinator jobs please be sure to register your CV with us so we can keep you posted on the latest vacancies UK-Wide.

*I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those that helped contribute to this blog, many thanks!*


We would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic and any other reasons why the Design Manager role is so valuable during these challenging times and moving forward?

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