Essential skills needed for Video game designers!

Essential skills needed for Video Game Designers!

 20 May 2020

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Essential skills needed for Video game designers!

In this blog we look at the game designer job role and what essential skills are needed to become a great game designer.


A game designer is at the heart of any game, their job is to create the basic idea and the mechanics of the game ensuring the flow from start to finish. Games can be from the designer’s own ideas and inspiration or from a pre-approved idea, such as a game based upon a film.


Good Communication Skills

 When designing and creating a game, this is something that is seldom  done alone, designers often work as part of a team, and must effectively communicate their plans and brainstorm ideas with other team members.

So, it is vital that game designers have good communication skills and can effectively put their ideas across as well as listen to others to reach a mutual agreement.


Patience and Problem-Solving Skills

Game designing is not a straightforward process, along the way many designers will face numerous problems and glitches that take a lot of patience and practical thinking to address, to make the design work effectively.


Accept Constructive Criticism

Sometimes it takes an outsider to see something that we can’t, and this applies to game designing to, another member of the team may see a problem or issue that you have missed and bring it to your attention. This however is not personal and is purely for the good of the design to ensure the game works at its best.


Time Management Skills

Prioritising work, meeting deadlines and targets is a very important part of game designing, this will ensure the project is completed in a timely fashion.

Failing to meet deadlines can negatively impact on other team members who are also working on the design and this can be financially costly as well as create bad relationships within the team.


Creativity and Imagination

Its common knowledge that designers are creative, artistic flair and imagination is key to creating a good game.

Every aspect of the design from characters and story line to game environment need to be thoroughly planned and constructed, this requires strong imagination and visualisation skills.


Some Programming Knowledge

As a designer it is not essential for you to fully understand the ins and outs of programming, however a small amount of programming knowledge can be useful.

A basic understanding of coding terminology and data structures can be helpful when designing, as it will determine how the design will work, ensuring the designers ideas are also achievable to create.


An Interest In Gaming

An interest in gaming is essential for game designers, as this will allow them to fully understand what makes a game good and enjoyable for the player.


 A good understanding of board games

 A good way to improve your video game design skills is to also have a good understanding of board games and the mechanics of the game, and it motivates its player to keep playing.


As well as the skills above, games designers also require the appropriate qualifications such as a degree in computer games design or graphic design, to find out more about this enquire at your local college and universities to find the right course for you. 


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