Tips for working from home

Tips for working from home

 5 May 2020

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Tips for working from home

For some people, working from home is ideal and even enjoyable, however for some its not.

In this blog you will find some handy tips to help you work from home comfortably and efficiently.


Create a good working environment

We know that not everybody has an office at home, but obviously if you do this can be very useful, however if you don’t, it can be very stressful,  try and set up a space that can be used practically for your tasks, for example:

  • Order a comfortable and adjustable chair and desk for computer work (If your budget can afford it or even ask if you can barrow a chair / desk from work).

Whilst dining table and chairs can work, it’s not ideal for prolonged use, you need to ensure you use a comfortable chair that will support your back.

  • When working, try to maintain good posture, so not to put pressure on your back and neck, this can be helped by positioning computer screens and laptops at the correct height to avoid slouching or looking down.
  • If Mobile phones are needed, try to pick an area in your home with good phone signal. If phone signal is bad you could consider making phone calls via whatsapp when possible.
  • Make sure you are well stocked up on office supplies you may need such as paper, pens and printing ink to avoid stressful situations if you run out
  • Try not to let work take over, remember it is still your home


Try and get into a good working routine

  • No matter how tempting it may be, try and resist working in your pyjamas, get up and get ready for work, as you would do normally, this puts you in the right working mind frame.
  • Plan your weeks and days, to ensure you have a good structured work plan, this will avoid unnecessary stress and work overload
  • Try and stick to your normal work hours and routine, and when you are finished switch off your computer or laptop, and if necessary put it away.
  • Take your usual breaks and lunch hours, if possible take them away from your working area, maybe in the garden if you have one, or in a sitting room.
  • Make sure you are communicating with other staff members from time to time either by phone or email, this will ensure you keep up good work relationships
  • Always ask for help if needed, most employers have a good support system in place for you whilst working from home, so do take advantage of this if required.


We hope you find these tips useful and would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this.



We hope this blog was of use and would be delighted to hear your thoughts and any further tips you can add with regards to working from home that may benefit others.

So please feel free to leave your comments and like / share our post.


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