2D vs 3D Animation- What’s the difference?

2D vs 3D Animation- What’s the difference?

 4 May 2020

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In this blog we take a look at two types of animation, 2D and 3D, and highlight the differences between the two.


Firstly, what is 2D Animation?

2D Animation, otherwise known as two-dimensional animation, is the method used to create movement from a flat two-dimensional drawing.

The drawing can be anything from characters and vehicles to backgrounds, anything that you require to have movement.

The drawings can be done by hand or on a computer. The images are put into frames and sped up so it gives the illusion of movement, somewhat similar to when as a kid we would draw an image in a flip chart and flick it through our fingers quickly so it looked like it was moving.


What is 3D Animation?

3D Animation, also known as three-dimensional animation or CGI (Computer generated imagery) is the process of creating three dimensional moving images in a digital environment, they can be made to move using computer technology and software.

The image becomes life like by the manipulation of a 3D model within the software. 3D animation is split into sections such as; Modelling, Layout & animation and Rendering.


What are the main differences between the two?

  • 2D Animation, consists of flat two-dimensional drawings, often done by hand, whereas 3D Animation is all computerised in a three-dimensional environment.
  • 2D Animation is focussed on frames that are sped up to create the movements, whereas 3D Animation is focussed on the actual types of movement.
  • 2D Animation costs less than 3D, due to the technical difficulty of 3D, cost of software and the lengthy time scales needed to produce 3D Animation.
  • 3D Animation is more lifelike than 2D.
  • There is more freedom of creativity with 2D Animation, compared to 3D Animation.
  • The 2D Animation process is easier than 3D.
  • There is more demand for 3D Animators than 2D.
  • 2D Animation is considered more traditional than 3D.



2D Animation and 3D Animation both have equally good factors, and it really does depend on what type of animation is being made as to which one would suit best, they both have pros and cons, and both bring artwork to life.

Furthermore it would be advisable to gain experience in both 2D and 3D to become a well rounded animator.


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