Games Designer Vs Games Programmer

Games Designer Vs Games Programmer

 19 Apr 2020

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In this blog we explore what the difference is between a Games Designer and Games Programmer.

Firstly, what is a Games Designer?

A games designer is at the heart of any game, their job is to create the basic idea and the mechanics of the game ensuring the flow from start to finish. Games can be from the designer’s own ideas and inspiration or from a pre-approved idea, such as a game based upon a film.


What are the responsibilities of a game designer?

  • Use your creativity to design games for lots of different platforms that grab the attention and capture the imagination of the player
  • Research into your target audience
  • Think about, plan and detail every element of a new game, such as story, characters, setting rules, and modes of play
  • Create concept documents and use these to convince the development team that the game is worth developing
  • Work alone or within a larger team overseen by a lead designer.
  • Write stories and scripts
  • Work collaboratively with others, including games developers, artists, animators and programmers, to produce a prototype


What is a Programmer?

 A game programmers job is to bring the design of a game to life, using computer software to create codes that allow the game to function and enable the software to carry out the players instructions.


What are the responsibilities of a Games Programmer?

•Developing and implementing game software

•Ensuring that the game design is fully implemented and runs smoothly without complications

•Creating unit tests and validation procedures, and documenting technical specifications

•Working closely with a lead game developer to create task/project deliverables

•Interface with Quality Assurance, Game Producers, Game Designers, Artists, Mathematicians, and Sound Designers



To conclude the main differences of a games designer and programmer are as follows:

  • Designer creates initial idea of a game and the programmer will then take that design and make it a reality.
  • Designer will decide how the game will flow, with story, characters and props, and the programmer will create the software to bring the story, characters and props together and make them function.
  • The programmer will ensure the game software runs smoothly from start to finish, without any complications, this allows the designers ideas and story to play out perfectly as planned in the initial design.




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