Top Tips - Finding Inspiration for Game Artists

Top Tips - Finding Inspiration for Game Artists

 14 Apr 2020

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As a game artist, not only do you require the talent to deliver the design itself, but also a creative mind to visualise the design in the first place.

As such the best game artists need to consistently look for ways to expand their “field of vision”, opening their mind to new environments, genres and styles. This will give you examples in mind to refer to when taking on new projects.

Given the diversity of the genres in the gaming sector it massively helps to ensure you also explore topics that are not necessarily your hobbies / interests already, to ensure your work has a wider diversity.

In this blog we outline further some of the ways Artists can continually find new inspiration.



Film / TV

You can widen your scope on the film / tv genres you watch to vary your knowledge and idea base).

Also consider exploring overseas / international cinema to give an insight to different cultures as well.




Seek out the opportunity attend conventions, whether it be specific gaming industry related to check out work of competitors or even more general conventions such as comic-con.



Nature / Travel

Often you may be required to design places and game environments as well as characters, so widening your insight and feel for different sceneries is also important.

It could be something as simple as mixing up where you walk your dog to find a new scenery or a take a holiday with picturesque landscapes.

A top tip would also be to regularly take a camera with you to capture future ideas for you to refer to.

In addition, this can still be done without the cost of a holiday by watching documentaries such as national geographic / discovery channel to get an insight for different environments / habitats.



Comic Books

Need I say more? Comic books are a great way to check out different artwork across a variety of genres. 

Comic Books have led the way for many great themes / ideas that have then progressed to iconic games / films, such as “The Walking Dead”.






Historical documentaries and books can also be helpful, providing stories of a character you could compare to and visualise. As well as exploring historical artwork and architecture. Regularly visiting a variety of museums can ay also of use, keeping in mind you may need to design not only characters but also items, tools or weapons etc.




Creative people will often listen to must while they work.

We all know that playing certain songs can put you in the zone, such as listening to your workout playlist when you go to the gym for example or an iconic theme song in a key part of a film.

Music can help influence mood and finding the right music can also help inspire you to get in the right frame of mind of the character / environment you are designing.

Furthermore, it helps to widen your music variety for more inspiration.

Music itself can also present a wide variety of styles, from music videos to band logos and is a chance to learn from another very creative industry.






Hope you enjoyed our blog; we would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic and feel free also to share any of your tips / ideas on other ways game artists can find their inspiration.


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