Top 5 Nintendo WII Games!!

Top 5 Nintendo Wii Games!!

 14 Apr 2020

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In this article we look at the Nintendo WII and which games we think deserve a place in our top 5. Let us know what you think? How does your list compare??


Number 1 – WII Sports island resort

This has to be our number 1, not only does it combine the classic WII sports games such as bowling, tennis and golf,  but it has a whole heap more to offer, such as archery, frisbee and basketball.

The games are also set on a holiday resort type island, with plenty of sunshine and scenery.

We love this game so much, its perfect for bringing the family together, and great for parties.




Number 2- Just Dance series

Named after the Lady Gaga song of the same name, the just dance games are fantastic for getting people up and involved.

Perfect for parties, the players can compete in dance offs to popular songs.

Each version contains a good variety of songs to choose from so there is something for everybody and can be enjoyed by players of all ages.




Number 3 – Mario Kart

The name speaks for itself, the ever popular Mario Kart racing game was released for the Wii, and didn’t we enjoy it!!!

A great addition to a family gets together, as this game can be played in multiplayer mode and really gets the party started.

Players can collect power ups during the race which can be used to attack other players causing them to veer off track or slow to a crawling pace.

Hours of fun, that’s why it just had to make our top 5 list.



Number 4- Wii Party

Another great game for parties, Games are divided into three categories, party games, house party and pair games.

Party Games allows up to 4 people to compete against each other and includes games such as Board game island, globe trot and bingo.

House party has games such as time bomb, word bomb and buddy quiz, and pair games feature titles such as balance boat and match up.

There really is something for everyone.


Number 5- Guitar hero  

Ever fancied being in a rock band? well with Guitar hero for the Wii you could star in your very own.

You would need to purchase the, guitar and drum kits for the Wii to play this, but we do however feel they were worth every penny, as this game gave us hours of fun, and was a great addition to a party.

There were plenty of songs to choose from, to attempt to play along with, again something for everybody.





Hope you enjoyed our blog; we would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic and feel free also to share any of your favourite Nintendo Wii games. 


So please feel free to leave your comments and like / share our post.


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