Design Manager or Senior Design Manager - Whats the Difference?

Design Manager or Senior Design Manager - Whats the Difference?

 5 Sep 2019

    Design Manager

What’s the difference between a Construction Design Manager and Senior Design Manager?


This can be confusing as main contractors in some cases use different job titles for the same role or in some cases the job title is not always a reflection of company structure compatible with other companies.


That said, in general terms a Senior Design Manager is usually the next step in progression for a Design Manager, but what’s the difference in the job duties when stepping up to this role?

From our understanding the bulk of the job duties are the same, only operating more independently with less support from senior management and generally we find there are two types of Senior Design Manager:


  1. Those that have been awarded the title in recognition of their years of experience in the industry and will be called upon to work on the more challenging projects.


  1. The second being those that have demonstrated good leadership skills and as a Senior Design Manager their role will include mentoring and managing Design Managers and Design Coordinators.

The great thing about this is that there is usually an opportunity for progression within the design management career / discipline even if you don’t enjoy the leadership type role.

We also believe it is important for employers to put a structure / outlined career path in place if they want a motivated design management team.

This is crucial to help keep staff motivated by giving them opportunity for recognition and promotion as well as creating a road map of skills / experience targets to help get them to the next level.

Whilst there are some benefits to a flat structure, we do tend to find that it creates a more motivating environment if there is a progression structure in place, as long as ego’s are kept in check!



We would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic and any further differences you feel there are in the duties / responsibilities of a Senior Design Manager compared to that of an Intermediate Design Manager?

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