(IRS) Information Release Schedule -  A Useful Tool For Design Managers?

(IRS) Information Release Schedule - A Useful Tool For Design Managers?

 27 Mar 2019

    Design Manager

Firstly what is an IRS (Information Release Schedule)

The IRS in short is a plan that provides dates for the release of information from the Design Engineering Consultants team to the contractor. In addition it can also include the release of information from the Contractor to the Design Consultants.


IRS – A Useful tool for a Design Manager?

In this Blog we spoke to an experienced construction Design Manager to discuss the value of using an IRS (Information Release Schedule).

In their opinion a lot of Design Managers have a habit of neglecting the IRS, when it should really be considered a useful tool.

If you want to be a proactive Design Manager who can stand out from the rest and drive the design process, then the IRS is a tool you must utilise.


It’s also essential that the information release schedule is tied to the programme to help avoid delays.


In addition, take ownership of the IRS, don’t assume it’s the project managers job.


Keeping an up to date IRS, will not only give you a plan to follow, it will save about 80% of pointless conversations with external consultancies with the ability to use the IRS as a point of reference for deliverable's and timescales.


The IRS should also usually go hand in hand with the use of a Design Responsibility Matrix. Together it should create a consistent platform and point of reference that you and the whole team can refer to and use to help avoid delays in design information and keep the design process moving.


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