Design Managers Tips on Multi-Room Projects

Design Managers Tips on Multi-Room Projects

 27 Mar 2019

    Design Manager

In the fast paced environment of multi-room projects and the high-rise sector, a Design Manager can be overwhelmed with information on many levels (excuse the pun).

We asked an experienced Multi-room Design Manager, when working in such a demanding environment where should your priorities be?


Their response being, whilst there are a multitude of construction packages that will require your attention, it would be wise to pay particular focus to the two aspects noted below which will save a lot of time in the long run, it would be well worth investing time in the lead up to the project to ensure you are fully up to speed on these two aspects:


  • Fire Strategy - It should come as no surprise that this should be high on a Design Managers agenda, getting a meeting with the fire engineer / consultant on the project early on and getting up to speed on this will not only ensure that you deliver a safe environment for the end user but also will reduce project delays where fire strategy has been overlooked in design and work requires to be undone to take this into account. You can always change the design but not the fire strategy, so its key to work in that order.


  • Acoustics - Secondly acoustics of the building is of high importance in the multi-room sector, given the health benefits of a quieter environment for the end user. So its important early on to establish the acoustics privacy the client is expecting on the project. So again its essential to get a meet early on with an acoustics consultant to help you build your knowledge so you can incorporate this into the design and discuss it with the client as it may also be something they have not considered in detail yet.

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