Construction Buyer - Job Insight

Construction Buyer - Job Insight

 24 Aug 2018

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What's it like to be a Construction Buyer? 

We spoke to an experienced industry professional to give you a first hand account of what its like to be Buyer in the construction industry.

See our interview below:

How did you first get into Buying?

“Many years ago I answered an Advert for a Procurement Assistant which I got, working up to Assistant Purchasing Manager of a £1billion company and the rest is history!”


What personal qualities do you think are essential to be good at your job?

“The ability to juggle, to stay calm and get on with all levels of people in different organisations. Also ability to know when to be tough, to be diplomatic and when to ask nicely.”


What is the worst thing / difficulties about your job?

“A lot of the work is high pressure and can be thankless. You are often asked to do the impossible.”


What is the best thing about your job?

“Every day is different, meeting a target or deadline is a fantastic feeling and many skills are transferable.”


What would be your biggest tip for someone looking to follow your career path?

“It’s not shopping! It’s negotiating, clinical and to be honest it’s 50% tough negotiation and 50% asking for favours!”