Construction Estimator - Job Insight

Construction Estimator - Job Insight

 24 Aug 2018

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What's it like to be a Construction Estimator? 

We spoke to an experienced industry professional to give you a first hand account of what its like to be an Estimator in the construction industry.

See our interview below:

How did you first get into Estimating?

“I was studying for A levels and had decided that I didn't want to go to university. I saw a job advertised as a Trainee Estimator with Tarmac Regional Construction. I applied for the job, got the job and over 35 years later I am still in Estimating”. 


What personal qualities do you think are essential to be a good Estimator?

“I think an estimator needs to be methodical, have good commercial knowledge, be able to understand various methods of construction, able to work to deadlines and be flexible”.


What is the worst thing / difficulties about your job?

“As a good win ratio is 1 in 4 tenders, a lot of an estimators work is unsuccessful”.


What is the best thing about your job?

“Winning a tender that then becomes a successful project on site”.


What would be your biggest tip for someone looking to follow your career path?

“You should look to join a company that will provide a comprehensive training programme in all aspects of pre-construction activities. Most estimators try to help, train and encourage junior estimators, so never be afraid to ask for help and advice”.