Construction Planner - Job Insight

Construction Planner - Job Insight

 24 Aug 2018

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What's it like to be a Construction Project Planner? 

We spoke to an experienced industry professional to give you a first hand account of what its like to be a Planner in the construction industry.

See our interview below:

How did you first get into Planning?

“Progression from site management. A core skill of site management is planning and logistics and those were aspects of the site management role that I most enjoyed”.


What personal qualities do you think are essential to be a good Planner?

“Logical & lateral thought”


What is the worst thing / difficulties about your job?

“People not following/ reading the programming and then complaining that the project is running late”


What is the best thing about your job?

“Pre-construction stage: Being part of a winning tender team.  Construction stage: People working to the programme and completing it on time”


What would be your biggest tip for someone looking to become a Planner?

“Spend as much time on site as possible so you understand the complexities of construction to enable the production of a logical, realistic programme”.